Friday, May 11, 2012

FSA Photo

Here is today's image:
This is classic FSA portraiture here. We have the mom and the child, although in this case everyone looks pretty cheerful. The dark doorway is a lovely backdrop to the brilliant sunlight and the two figures are appealingly placed in the frame. The door is off center in one direction, balanced by the figures off center the other way. The viewpoint is low, a child's view of the scene, accented by the doorway slanting in (which frankly looks more like shoddy construction than keystoning, but nonetheless enhances the sense of looking up from down low). We have lovely textures in the wood and the fabrics, none dominant, all giving visual interest. To top it all off, mom is smiling down at the child, leading the eye and all that business. Technically the photograph is excellent, with a little detail present in the shadowed interior, and in all but the very most brightly lit areas of white fabric.
This is, of course, that consummate portraitist, Dorothea Lange, from April of 1936. "Resettlement clients to be moved from Widtsoe area to farm in another county of Utah."

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