Friday, June 22, 2012

FSA Photo of the Week

Check this awesome thing out. It's like a weird little still life of the oddest things. Arguably the artist is not the photographer at all, but whoever assembled this strange tableau. The echoed oval shapes and the cross of.. whatever was used to make the frame. What IS that little box under the electrical outlet?

It's all so clean and simple. It looks like a weird art project, where these objects are placed inside a glass box exactly 1 meter on a side, and then filled with transparent plastic made with the artist's own fingernail clippings. Simultaneously, it looks like a poor family's make-do project, making what they need out of what they've got (the best definition of engineering I ever read).

This is "found object" photography, and a smashing example of it.

Crib made from scrap materials, probably on a Farm Security Administration project. Shot by Dick Sheldon, 1941.

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