Mail-Around 9/17/16

This is an ongoing page for the Book/Art Mail-Around project. See this post for the general idea.

I have sent an email to all players by now, with a "downstream address" for everyone, including an email address, and an indication of who your upstream is. If you HAVE NOT RECEIVED a lengthy email with a bunch of notes and a mailing address in it, LET ME KNOW!

I have placed a box into the USA/Canada loop! You there in Idaho, you should see a box with a couple crappy books in it soon!

If you would like to send something of yours downstream, drop me a note so I know what's "in the system" and roughly where, and I may be able to lend some guidance (for example: the person 2 hops upstream of you JUST sent a box to your upstream neighbor, so you may wish to wait and consolidate). At present, I am not aware of anyone having sent anything.

I now have seven (7) in the USA/Canada, including myself, five (5) in Europe, and two (2) in Australia.

More players would be welcome, please feel free to contact me if you're interested.

CURRENT STATUS. Participants are identified by their initials. Shipments are identified by #1, #2, etc. I have arbitrarily chosen a "starting point" for each loop, and indicated it by starting and ending each chain with the same person.

USA/Canada: (one en route? one in the hands of a participant)
 Me -[#2]-> TW --> NZ --> JG --> MG --> RM[#1] --> Me

Europe: (one, in the hands of a participant, one AWOL :( )
 AC --> SF --> NR[#1] --> MS --> AC

Australia: (no containers in play :( )
 WF --> DK --> WF


  1. Is the project gone to ground? Btw... If you nave spare time, tale a look at my shots at Validate my work with a pat on my shoulder. Or criticize it to death. Or don't say anything (or not look at it, if you are not interested). Just saying.

  2. I enjoyed looking through your book and passed it on downstream together with another book of mine....