Mission Statement

This blog is, first and foremost, where I think things through. I believe firmly that in order to have a working and useful understanding of anything, you actually need to "know" it, to have thought it through, to a much greater depth than you'd imagine. Calculus makes a lot more sense when you have some of Real Analysis that underlies it, Calculus is in fact pretty easy at that point. I dare say framing, in the sense of being able to solve problems involved in actually nailing together the studs, plates, headers, and so on that make up a house, is easier if you have a grasp of post and beam construction.

In short, overthinking a thing is a pretty good way to really understand a thing.

This is a blog about me, and for me. If you want to comment, great! I am totally open to a conversation. I sincerely hope there is, occasionally, a germ of something useful to you, as well as to me. But first and foremost, this is me, thinking stuff through. If you don't "get it", if you think I'm "wasting my time" well, you're welcome to think that. Ain't nobody making you read this thing. I'm not interested in how to be more popular, I know how to do that already. Step one is to make a different blog that is, well, more about things other people are interested in and less about things I'm interested in. I've already got a job, though.

I don't mind being wrong. Being wrong is fine. You're welcome to correct me, to disagree with me. You can choose to do so silently, or in comments, that's cool. Don't be a dick is all I ask. But if I'm not wrong some of the time, I'm not trying hard enough, so I fully expect to be wrong sometimes.

I rail against stupidity, bad photography, bad pedagogy. This is to make myself feel better. It works fine. Pedagogy most of all, holy crap there's a lot of terrible material out there. No wonder people think photography is hard. You get a camera, and now you're a quick web search away from being utterly baffled by the simplest of things and a world of terrible ideas about how to take better pictures.

I am mildly obsessed with the FSA/OWI photography archive.

Anyways. This is my blog, where I overthink things. You're welcome to come, read, comment, disagree, argue, whatever you like. But it's mine. Imagine it's my living room. Have a seat, have a drink, have a talk, but don't wonder out loud why I picked this couch instead of that one, and why it's a living room and not a space ship. That's just silly.


  1. You forgot to mention that this is a blog about Ming Thein.

    And I'm loving it.

  2. You're blog has a strong personality. I love the way you write. I'm from Italy and writing an english blog is a challenge for me, but I'm trying.
    Go on this way, you're putting online really good ideas.