I don't have a portfolio online. While online portfolios are not intrinsically dumb, they're not consistent with the way I work. Now, if you're just here because I pissed you off somewhere and you want to see some pictures so you can confirm your already formed opinion that I suck, well, I can point you to a few posts that contain pictures.

If you find the previous remarks puzzling, you should know this: If you write about photography on the internet, people who disagree with you will routinely demand to see your photographs. This is stupid, of course. One might talk about novel without having written one, a film without having directed. No, the point here is so that self-satisfied dunderheads who disagree with you can go and satisfy themselves that your photographs lack "critical sharpness" or some other stupid technical detail, and that therefore you are an idiot and wrong.

These links are for those people, so they can scratch their little itch and get the hell off my blog. You can feel free to click 'em too, though. It's a free country!


The End Of The Road Which Is Always Turning Back

Geometrical Bullshit

I Am A Snob

Here, Look at some Pictures, You Animals


Mist and Spirits


Some Pictures of Flowers

Moss Landing

Just Somethin'

More Work

that should fix you up.

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