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You can buy my book here:

Intermediate Photography

It's $1.99, available only for Kindle at this time, sorry. It's pretty much composition, pulled together with a few ideas regular readers have already seen.

The introduction is pretty complete and accurate, I think, and it's available in the "free preview" amazon gives you. So, I feel like you can make a pretty fair guess at whether the book will suit you before you buy it.

Books & Magazines

San Fran Cisco as well. I make $2.89 US on every single copy. It's basically a blog post I made a while ago, but you can buy it if you want!

Bellingham Summer. I make a fat $2.81 on this one, so buy a BUNCH of them, ok?

Rogue Photo 1: US. Profit is $2.89 a pop on this one as well. It is roughly two blog posts of material.

Alley: Rogue Photo 2


  1. Where's the "unsubscribe" button/link?

    1. Nowhere. You're trapped here. Trapped like a rat.

  2. Got the book. I tend to study photo stuff (not tech) the way some people study Holy Writ.

    1. Thank you! You may find that the book is justly shelved with the lesser apocrypha.

      As a general note for all: I think you can, within certain limits, return kindle books for a refund. If you feel you haven't gotten value from my book, I encourage you to do just that.

      The value of a sale, to me, is just an ego stroke. I literally cannot buy a candy bar with the proceeds. I'd rather have satisfied customers than the ego stroke.

      Many people can attest that my ego requires no further enbiggening.