Other Blogs and Things

I generally don't care much about blogs that are gear reviews, or about specific techniques, or about somebody's photoshoots. This isn't to suggest that these are bad things, but merely that they're not interesting to me.

Some blogs I read pretty regularly, are:

Visual Science Lab. Kirk Tuck's brilliant and insightful blog. Industry analysis blended with personal experience, lightly spiced with amazing portraits, as if a $47 hipster bloody mary was reincarnated as a blog. (Kidding aside, it's really very very good and you should read it, but you probably already do)

Shifter. Daniel Milnor, the photographer at large for blurb.com, and his own take on the world of photography. This guy is an actual artist, no bullshit. Or at least minimal bullshit.

Idiotic Hat. Mike Chisholm's blog. I don't read it very often because I am find it appalling to be reminded that he's smarter, funnier, and a better artist than I am. I hate that.

Adam Marelli is an actual artist with his head screwed on very tightly. He knows what he's talking about, his posts and videos and whatnot are all spot on as near as I can tell. And he avoids pretty much all of the silliness that we run across in photographic pedagogy.

Of course, I read ToP and you should too.

Leicaphilia Not all Leica all the time. Philosophical, thoughtful, not too many pictures. I like it.


  1. Nice blog you've got here.

  2. I see you like Marelli. Have a go at the Barnstone stuff, the Introduction to basic drawing or whatever it is. Man it will blow You away. Gonna cost a few bucks but hey what's the price of serious revelation.

  3. Interesting that you read Adam Marellis site because guess what. He studied with Myron Barnstone. Who guess what? Teaches Dynamic Symmetry. Your one massive contradiction.

    1. Marelli happens to be an excellent photographer and artist as well. I know about his dynamic symmetry problem, but we all have our flaws.

      Your 'dumb, dumb, dumb' comment got deleted, see my commenting policy.

      You're pretty much outta here now, Tavis. Start contributing something other than bile and insults or go away. Your free pass for insult is over.

  4. http://cphmag.com might be worth reading too in case you aren't. Not an easy one though.

    I'm sad to see TOP fading into irrelevancy (but that's probably my own problem).

  5. Replies
    1. Hmm. That's legit. I read VSL at least as much as I read the others ;)