Wednesday, August 8, 2012

FSA Photo of the Week

This is actually OWI, almost certainly:

This is interesting for a couple of reasons. First, the young man appears to be black, which is interesting given the details of the photo (see below). Possibly I am deeply ignorant of the relevant history, but the photo just prior to this in the collection shows a young white man in a similar (but less graphically interesting) position. There's a degree of integration implied here that I am intrigued by. Secondly, he's wearing what are probably very fashionable pants for the time, but climbing around lord knows how high up. The posture, the pants, and the wonderful graphical strength of all the stuff around him really make this one sing for me.

Benjamin Franklin High School, New York, New York. Victory Corps boy learning to use the school's weather vane in weather forecasting, as part of his pre-aeronautics training in meteorology. Shot by William Perlitch, Oct, 1942.

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