Wednesday, September 19, 2012

FSA Photo of the Week

Here we go:

A sufficiently well read reader will recognize the subject as Thomas "Bud" Woods, from the book by Walker Evans and James Agee Let Us Now Praise Famous Men which leaves little doubt as to the photographer. The man's real name is Bud Fields.

This is an example of Evans' work with the 35mm camera, which is wildly different from his view camera work, but is in its own way as strong or stronger. The formality is gone, but there's still a great sense of what should and should not go into the frame. I love this one for being disconnected from any particular place or time. It is a guy in rural America in the 20th century, it turns out, but it feels to me a lot like a holy man in India.

Bud and William Fields, Hale County, Alabama, Summer 1936, shot by Walker Evans.

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