Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Be Careful Out There

I have, over the last few years, taken part in The Photo Forum. At first under my widely known, or at least very Google-able, identity. Later I used an anonymous identity. There doesn't seem to be any rule against this, for the record.

The anonymous identity has not been a model citizen. I disagree with people and am not a very nice person. My opinion differs from that of the moderators, but they have seen fit to warn me several times that I am on Final Warning. (Several times? Huh?) OK.

So I left. No fuss, no scene. Other stuff I ought to be doing anyways.

Couple weeks later this moderator, runnah, wants to moderate me some more. Maybe he misses me. Anyway he decided that I have snuck back in under a third identity, sneakily using the identity MolitorPhotography. Since this provincial retard runnah thinks that I am a moron and that there can only be one person on earth with any given surname, he sends both my identities and this poor schlub a message accusing us of being the same guy.

He's wrong, natch, but think about it: MolitorPhotography now knows that the other two identities are likely the same guy. He's a Google search away from the home address of my anonymous identity.

Thanks, runnah! You fucking imbecile.

So. Even a more or less professionally run 'biggish site' like can't be trusted with your privacy.

Be careful out there, kids. It takes one disgruntled idiot.

Luckily there's nothing much I need to worry about and the leak is very small, so I am personally covered. Pretty much, anyways.

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