Sunday, May 3, 2015

REVIEW: Leica M Monochrom

I hear that equipment reviews are a great way to increase traffic, so, here goes.

The Leica M Monochrom is a new object from Leica. The price is something over $7400, which works out to about $10.80 a gram. The object is mainly black. It's about 139mm x 42mm x 80mm in size, with some rounded corners. This makes is somewhat denser than water. It will not float.

The price is about $335 a troy ounce, making it quite a bit cheaper than gold.

On one of the 139mm x 42mm sides there are: a dial with numbers on it and the letter A in red; a push-button; a multi-position switch; another button.

One one of the 139mm x 80mm sides there is a large round hole, and some sort of mounting system. On the other one there is a rectangular shiny area, some more buttons, and a dial of some sort.

There is an opening in one corner that admits light through the object, for reasons I cannot discern.

There is a hole, threaded on the interior surface.

The finish is crinkly in some places, smooth in others.

I rate this a definite buy and feel that it will definitely improve your life.

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  1. I gotta be honest with you Andrew. There was one time (only a few months back!) when I said, ok, now I'm gonna get a Leica. I was after a used MP8 or whatever it's called,, the one with ccd sensor.. or what came after that, the MP9. Then I bought the and Olympus EM10, first version, thanks to a cashback that Olympus had active this summer I paid 350 euros. Then I have read your funny piece on shooting the moon with an old D3100 and a simple 50mm or something... taking the piss out of Ming Thein absurd love for the Zeiss... I'm very happy now (but boy i do have a lust for mechanical things).

    Sorry I got derailed. Anyway, this is the best review ever.