Friday, July 10, 2015

An Exercise

Pick out some internet-famous photographer. Someone you like, someone you hate, it didn't matter.

Now pick out a monograph, an actual book, from some photographer who's... recognized, let's say. You could use Evans or Frank on Americans. Any number of Mann books. Adams. Salgado. Cartier-Bresson. Anyone who made a book that sold some copies.

Now sit with the book and the web site. Compare.

Are there differences? Apart from stylistic choices, really. Are there differences in depth, in ideas? Does one set of pictures feel more focused than the other? Does one set make more sense? If you ask yourself:

How does the photographer feel about this thing?

does the answer come through more clearly from one than the other?

(For me, it's like night a day, or perhaps heaven and hell)

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