Thursday, September 24, 2015

Kirk Tuck Again

Go read this post over here. Heck, read the whole blog, it's pretty much all gold.

I'm on the record as saying that complaints about menus are lame and stupid. Kirk has some excellent points in his piece, among them that I am wrong.

Now, it's still kind of bush-league stuff compared to the bad old days, when cameras would destroy film, or themselves, but still.

The point I make, from time to time, is that menus will become second nature after a while, and the problem goes away. Kirk makes the point that they're not second nature when the system is new to you, and he also makes this crucial point: it makes sense for a professional to cycle through systems, and so the professional spends a lot of time with new systems. It's not the only way to work, but it's perfectly reasonable. Kirk spends a lot of time with cameras he's spent only a few months with, and shot only a handful of assignments with. A badly designed menu system makes his life harder.

Not as hard as a system that welds the lens permanently to the body if you try to mount it with the shutter in the wrong state (lookin' at you Hasselblad). But a reasonable complaint.

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