Saturday, April 9, 2016


Another issue of the How's Andrew Doing newsletter. In this post I made several predictions, among them:

Michael will take on more of an advisory role as he concentrates more deeply on the Luminous Endowment and his own artistic endeavors.

And lo, in a thread explaining (ho, ho, ho) why LuLa hasn't got anything about Hasselblad's New Thingy, Michael writes:

Most people have noticed that I am no longer involved in the site on a day-to-day basis. Kevin is now the publisher. I am mostly involved in the charity that I started last year,

The big prediction, though, the one that matters, has yet to appear. No new management has appeared. Yet. I only wrote that a few months ago, after all, the year is young.


  1. (If you remember, I am the "maybe not so dumb after all guy" who suggested that lula subscription move was about harvesting addresses)

    So, you were right and lula is about selling Phase One cameras and stuff. Now that we have that established, to which forum do you suggest I should go? I am not particularly interested in being surrounded by shills singing the virtues of Phase One... but other forums are even worse.

    1. Forums are dying, as far as I can tell. It's all facebook or something now, I guess?

  2. But on Facebook one can only contact existing, real-life friends. What if my friends are not interested in photography?