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Monday, January 22, 2018

My Sad Project

I am working, albeit not very hard, on a little project entitled My Sad Project which is intended as a parody of some of the worst tendencies in modern photobook making. The pseudonym I have adopted is Ernest Sincerely (pace Wilde) which should give you a sense of it. I am writing the introductory essay, which will wildly misinterpret the obviously gloomy pictures as a positive sign.

My intention was to simply copy the introductory essay as the closing essay while changing the name of the author, but I thought, "Why should I have all the fun?"

If you'd like to contribute a closing essay in which you mainly drop names (which you may feel free to invent, "The of course terribly important Düssëldërff photography Dr. Reisig" or whatever, and talk about yourself, this is your invitation to do so. If I get several submissions, I will ruthlessly graft them together. I reserve the right to edit anything you send to me, and assign you a pseudonym. Don't worry, you won't want this pig associated with anything else you do anyways.

My apologies to Mike C for stealing his beautiful name for a thing, and also you can contact me at amolitor@gmail.com as always

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