Saturday, February 17, 2018

Fuji X1H Review

I don't fucking care. I don't even know what the god damned thing is, except that everywhere I turn on the web today it's the thing being reviewed (or not, Thank You Kirk!). I guess it's some sort of camera. With pixels and shit.

If you do care, you're fucking stupid. Send me your money, idiot. Contact me at for my address. Be sure to give me your phone number so I can call you up and yell at you about how dumb you are.


  1. Out of curiosity, why does it matter to you how other people choose to spend their money?

    Although I own two, older Fuji cameras and still use them occasionally, nothing that Fuji makes these days interests me, including this latest camera.

    That said, I'm nevertheless happy that people are willing to shovel money at them, because this situation might change someday and a portion of the money Fuji makes from selling cameras that don't interest me might fund the R&D that someday leads to them selling a camera that does interest me, such as the rumored rangefinder version of the GFX-50S.

    Remember, the day that makers of dedicated cameras, such as Fuji, find it unprofitable to sell cameras is the day before they shut down their camera divisions and doom all of us to using cell phones thereafter.

    While this may not affect your photography very much, it will be a disaster for mine!

    So far as I'm concerned, if fools wish to part with their money and buy Fuji's newest camera, then I'm all for it, because some benefit from their purchases might accrue to me down the road and it won't cost me anything in the event that it doesn't.

    Or was this another satire post and I'm an idiot for not having recognized it as such?

    1. Not satire as such, maybe a blend of mild frustration, my general anti-gear attitude, and a dash of satire thrown in. It did seem that everywhere I turned it was this same damn camera today, one of the most intense doses of launchitis I've experienced, over a remarkably non revolutionary instrument (as far as my extremely brisk skims could tell).

      I don't really care what people spend their money on and you're quite right that it's the gearheads that are pulling the train, financially.

    2. I have an unusual relationship with camera gear, I think.

      I am very much a gearhead, in the sense that I believe the gear I use does make a significant (i.e., visible) difference for the type of photography I do, and as such, I am very picky -- perhaps even excessively so? -- about my choices.

      At the same time, though, I don't necessarily believe the newest gear is always the best gear. Nor that the most expensive gear is always the best gear, either (as a for instance, my hoity-toity medium-format digital outfit, as great as it is, has been gathering dust for several years now because it's not the best choice for the photography I'm doing today.)

      As a result, I am now happily using a camera body that is three generations old -- for my purposes, both of the subsequent versions were new, but definitely not improved! -- with a "lens adapter" that is nearly two decades old, and lenses that were made in the '70s, '80s, and '90s, all of which was very carefully chosen to collectively render my photos in a way that appeals to me.

      My point is that not all gearheads are cut from the same cloth, nor is "gearhead" necessarily a pejorative label as (I think) you and many others believe.

      Your issue seems to be with gear fetishists -- those who prioritize gear over everything else and for whom the latest is always the greatest -- and not gearheads, most of whom, I think, are like me, carefully choosing their gear to help them better realize the vision they have in their head of the photos they wish to take.

      And if that is the case, then I agree with you that gear fetishists are indeed deserving of much ridicule and possibly even scorn, especially in light of all the hoopla over Fuji's recent product announcement.

  2. Right what I hoped to read ... similar feelings here.

  3. I have several of these, as I believe in a careful back-up strategy. One I keep locked in our safe in the bedroom, and one copy is permanently at a friend's house in case of fire, earthquake or theft. Another I keep in Japan, where it is much cheape,r thanks to a weak yen. I label each copy with a code so I can I can monitor which one I am using, and thus take care to spread the clicks evenly across the cameras (except the one in the safe and the one at the friend's house and the one in Japan, all of which are still in their boxes, unopened). I also ...