Thursday, April 5, 2018

Sally Mann: A Thousand Crossings

I've just had a quick walk-through of the Sally Mann at the National Art Gallery, more to come.

This is a public service announcement, though. Go see this.

If you're interested in the kinds of statements and explorations photography can do, this is not to be missed. This is a more nuanced, more coherent, statement than any of the books I've seen from Mrs. Mann, and she's done some mighty fine books.

If you have been thinking "hmm, maybe" the answer is "yes, definitely." If Mann is at all your cup of tea, this is worth getting on a plane.

It's political, it's personal, it's a force of nature. It's in some sense a retrospective, but it pulls things together and says some stuff. It's not just a greatest hits show, at all, although it has some of the greatest hits on it.

See it if you possibly can. If you can't, at least buy the catalog. The show strikes me (after a quick skim of both book and show) better. Fewer words and I think I like the way it's put together better. But the book is also good.


  1. We are heading to DC at the end of this month specifically for this show and the outsider exhibit. But I'm wondering if I should suspend reading you, to avoid your comments before seeing the show myself.

    But then, well-naah, typically, if I disagree with you in the end, I always appreciate your thoughts and notions.

    1. I'll put my remarks "behind the cut" or "after the jump" as they say!