Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Happy Thanksgiving

I made pita bread yesterday. To all you oiks in other countries, I am sorry that you're foreign!


  1. Yah boo sucks to you as well!
    Ungrateful Colonial!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. this Very Second Literally I was considering inviting you to a leisurely Canadian experience of perusing Cindy Sherman and attending a private session in Japanese bread-making having just eaten some lovely, delicate and-completely-outside-my experience Japanese bread, whoa. I guess that's a go, then... [stone seal] p.s. I would eat those pitas. p.p.s. happy T-day

  3. Bah. One of our local supermarkets makes great pita bread by the thousands in their in-house bakery with glass walls, if you like to watch. No muss, no fuss. Plus thanksgiving is so last month.

  4. Please, what is this "pain in the arse" bread of which you speak? It looks not unlike pitta bread, but an unappetising grey colour. Is it a Thanksgiving thing?


    1. in a vaguely related vein, I was just thinking, wouldn't these photos look nicer in colour... I scoured the blog for The Other Thing I'm supposed to say as a comment but could not find it...[stone seal]

  5. The baking of bread is one of the many things I know just enough about to know I have no business talking to other people about. Photography is another.