Monday, December 16, 2019

Year End Wrapup: Best Cameras

Everyone seems to be doing it, so I am going to take a moment to discuss the cameras I have used over the last year, their pros and cons, and conclude with recommendations you can really use.

Let's start off with my workhorse, old faithful, the Nikon D3100. 14 megapixels, APS-C sensor. Several... modes. Can use any Nikon AIS or better lens, albeit sometimes with enormous difficulty. It has a meter. And it can autofocus with some lenses. Oh! It can take movies! Not very well. But it can do that!

Pros: small and handy, very familiar to me. Deep inventory of Nikon lenses more or less usable.

Cons: apparently kind of low resolution, I guess, and the dynamic range means you can only botch the exposure by like 2 stops either way, which I guess is bad. Also, it's going to break pretty soon, I think. The damned thing's 10 years old. There's like 54,000 on the shutter, which is well in to "this could die any time" territory.

So let's move on to.. oh, I guess there isn't anything else. Sony makes cameras now, apparently? I hear that they're amazing and terrible. You should check them out.

Anyways, I recommend that you use a Nikon D3100 for everything.


  1. Ricoh 35s. This little beast is built solid, heavy AF, and that makes it great in CQB. The rapid-wind lever turns it into a devastating jabber. Also it takes pretty good pictures. I play video games too much, probably.

  2. Your Nikon sucks. Most Nikon's do. My camera sucks too but that's OK, as I like it and I wouldn't get any better photo's from a different camera. Carry on, sir.