Friday, October 23, 2020

Cheap Edumactaion

So, as regular readers of this blog will well know, I see eye-to-eye with Jörg Colberg on essentially nothing.

That said: you are, as a reader here, are in no way obligated to agree with me on this point (obv.) and I assume that some readers rather agree with him on a point here and there.

He is offering a little menu of educational opportunities here, it happens. The prices are, to my eye, insanely low. $95 for a one hour consult (not including prep time) and a little suite of 12 week long "mentorships" that include 6 one hour meetings, for $300.

Given that a normal human would rightly demand a million dollars or more to talk to someone about their photography for a solid hour, I think these rates are very very good.

I am half considering trying to sign up myself, on the grounds that no matter how sharply one diverges, there's bound to be something of value in six freakin' hours of talking. What's holding me back is that I don't think I can really honestly sign up to work steadily on a single project for 12 weeks. I do have a thing in mind, though, so maybe. I am debating it.

Anyways, anyone who sees more eye-to-eye with Jörg than I do, and that ought to include virtually everyone in the world, should give this some serious consideration. It's not that he's an oracle, it's that he's willing to talk to you about your pictures, at length, for a very good price. It might well be worth it.


  1. Dear Andrew,

    I think you should know that your blog has been hacked, by someone claiming to be you. Hilariously, the hacker claims to be considering signing up for a series of "mentorships" with -- get this!! -- Jorg Colberg.

    Urgent action needed.


    1. NOOOOooOO!OOO!O!O!!!

      But seriously, it's just so damn cheap, right? I mean, 6 hours of just talking about my photos?

  2. Best part of my day is doomscrolling through Jorge's twitter feed.

    Wait a minute, the best part of my day is doomscrolling through your blog. Anyhoo...

    Jorge is very cogent and perspicacious about American party politics, and European politics ... but photography is not, shall we say, his forte.

    I see he is having a book published by Mack, the Harlequin Romance of photobooks. Mack's editors kindly pointed out the washed-out look don't cut it, and his photographs, while dull as ever, have been remastered along more conventional lines.

    The sequencing is clever too, almost masking the pointlessness of it all behind a kind of visual dirge. If you like that sort of thing, depression, despair, nihilism.

    1. He's having a book-length essay published by MACK. Watch this space.

      He's also having his copy of Depressing German Photography printed by Kerber Verlag. I do not think I will be buying this thing.