Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Book Sale: Vigilante

This is a soft-launch of my book sale. I am hoping to sell 100 copies of this Vigilante zine/book thing that I made on blurb. It's a fun little local-art thingy, 15 bucks gets you a copy of the thing. US/Canada only because I am too dumb to work out international shipping, and it's my first time so I am keeping it simple.

It's a gofundme campaign, because Tim at Leicaphilia used that platform to sell his book and it seemed to work ok.

Vigilante: 30 day book sale

I basically want to know, at this point, if all the links and videos and crap work and are pointed at the right places. Feedback most assuredly welcome!

Also, please buy my book!

Many of you will likely be receiving directly emailed pleas, which you can ward off by buying early.

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