Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Days of Snow

We had, to everyone's astonishment, a genuinely white Christmas here in Bellingham. It usually snows here during the winter, but almost never as early as December. This year it snowed on Christmas Day, and it snowed quite hard, and it has been very cold (as low as 9 degrees according to the Old Ways of accounting these things, -13 or so according to the moderns, accursed by God.)

There has been sledding. The dog cannot go on long walks because her feet get very cold and then she tries to get around with all her feet in the air which is awkward and doesn't work very well.

Photographing snow is notoriously difficult but I have, of course, mastered the form with a casual ease which must be seen to be believed.

I am in the throes of order fulfillment re: my book presale, and boy it's a lot of work. A full report will be forthcoming in, I think, the next week or two.

Happy Holidays, you reprobates!


  1. JULIA!!! [stone seal]

  2. Kazimir, it's ... [gasp] it's all white !

  3. Wish we got a bit more here... have been working on a series of very minimal snow shots for years, but must always wait a year or two to add to it! Happy holidays!

  4. will tell on you with Jorg... Seriously!

    Nice images! Happy New Year... We got hit pretty hard up in BC!

    1. Thank you, and Happy New Year to you as well. I confess I am not sure what you're going to "tell on me" about, but go for it!