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Wednesday, November 2, 2022


I made more stuff for Halloween, and set it out in a local park for people to enjoy, which I guess some did. We (by which I mean mostly me, but other people are semi-interested) are trying to make it a Thing to do up the local small disused park for Halloween. This is what I made.

The arch is about 7-8 feet high in the center, the skulls and demon masks are life sized (the masks are actually my face.) There's electronics behind each skull. One is a disassembled flashy-light spooky-sound-effects thing that was playing through the red horn visible between the leftmost and center skull. You can see the flashy light as well, the silvery rectangle below the leftmost skull.

The center skull played bad piano music, alternating nursery rhymes played badly, "spooky" music, and occasionally Rick Astley, all in bangy piano clips played through the black horn below and slightly right of the center skull, from the guts of a very cheap toy electronic piano. The center skull had red LEDs in its eye sockets that pulsed along to the music.

Here it is on the bench, illustrating its awesomeness.

The rightmost skull just had some fairy lights that were wound around the hand on top of the arch.

The effect, standing under it, was somewhat cacaphonic. Overwhelming might be pushing it, but definitely A Lot.

Note, please, the masses of tiny homonculi climbing to be eaten by the rightmost demon. Thank you.

This skull is about 4 feet tall, 3 feet wide.

The eyes light up and flash and wink and whatnot in an absurdly complex pattern that took far too long to write the software for.

I consider it possible I went a little overboard. It was pretty fun though.


  1. Well, if *that* doesn't encourage a visit from the Dark Powers to the neighbourhood, I suspect they're just not interested. Real skulls next year, maybe?

    Annoyingly, the Hallowe'en thing is pushing aside our own traditional annual celebration on the 5th November. Perhaps in multicultural, health'n'safety-first Britain our heart is no longer fully behind the public torture and burning of Catholics. Besides, there's definitely more money to be made from encouraging Orange & Black Gothery than from a few boxes of fireworks...


    1. we are roasting fatty sausages over an open fire on Saturday night [stone seal]

  2. dammit. I think I just got rickrolled. [stone seal]