Hey TPF Imbeciles

As of this writing, I have some 1200+ posts, a million or so words of writing, over many years. I have mentioned your shitty little forum, I dunno, half a dozen times that I can recall, maybe? Which means maybe a dozen, if we're generous?

Your forum is publicly readable, for christ's sake. I don't have to have a "ghost account" to see pictures and read things, I just type the URL into my fucking web browser.

I am not "stalking" you idiots, although it appears that someone there is stalking ME.

Your shitty little forum is one of many places I poke in to from time to time, to stay current with various aspects of contemporary photography culture. I read petapixel, a couple of other blogs and fora, I follow a few people on twitter, I read Conscientious and sometimes I poke into American SuburbX, 1000words, or Reading the Pictures, and on and on. You guys are just not that important, not to me, not to anyone.

It is not "stalking" to read a publically accessible web site and it is especially not stalking to read a popular and widely read publicly accessible web site. I suppose you monkeys think I am "stalking" the New York Times when I read an article on nytimes.com and have the temerity to express an opinion on it.

Seriously, you dumbshits need to get lives and stop sniffing my underwear.


  1. kinda seems just a little creeper stalker though when you pick out pictures and members from a forum you dont participate in and call them out...especially in a manner that gives that person no way to defend or debate the critique. i mean, do you do that with people from any other forum or just the one? if its just the one...kinda reinforces my point...granted, its not much of a point but still...im sure you can see at least SOME bit factual evidence there. i did like your book though. then again, it was more about actual intellectual conversation than simply trashing people and their work. dont know if you took any of my advice when you asked me to preview it, but the end result read well.

    1. If only there was some way to find out whether I write about other things. If only you could somehow access the other 1200+ posts on this blog.

      If only there was some way people who feel attacked by posts which describe their photos as "a technical tour-de-force" could, I don't know, make some sort of response. A comment, as it were.

      This is absurd.

  2. My, what an interesting referrer link:


    Page FOUR? You cakesniffers seriously go get some fuckin' air.

  3. really? and yet you continue to deny any stalking? your blog rules on no name calling and not being a dick doesnt apply to you? i thought my reply was reasonably civil. i asked a simple question. i dont read your blog NEARLY as much as you read that forum apparently. you used to be capable of civil discourse, but your obsession (and this is textbook obsession you have) with that forum has really degraded your dialog capabilities. i mean, ad hominem attacks are the best you can do now? sheesh Andy. you used to actually be able to have a discussion with me. you used to actually seem intelligent. im just an idiot so i understand why people think that about me...but you? how far the mighty have fallen. i miss the good old days where we could actually have a dialog.


    1. Your reply, while civil, was insane and demonstrably wrong on every essential point.

      My rules about name calling read thus:

      "Insults, veiled, in-jest, or otherwise, to other commenters will get your comment dropped silently."

      Please note the "to other commenters". You have no-doubt observed that I am pretty OK with people calling *me* names. Your angry friend mrca, who is evidently in the 5th grade, used plenty of names on me. Since I am *not* in the 5th grade, and he (mostly... ) left the other commenters alone, I allowed his remarks.

      You and your friends on TPF have a completely insane vision of how much time I spend perusing the publicly accessible web site you spend much of your time on. You're simply wrong. You are people who, stumbling across a reference to your own name in a novel, are now yelling 'OMG! SOMEONE WROTE AN ENTIRE BOOK ABOUT ME' without even bothering to flip a few pages one way or the other.

      I disagree with a lot of people, Jason.

      And, to be honest, I think we're done here. I will allow you one response, if you like to which I will not reply, and that will be quite enough of that. I have things to do.

  4. well, i did mention i was an idiot so...no surprises there i suppose. and yes, despite the level of insanity of my wrongness, i did make a valid attempt at civil discourse, to which i was met with less than such. its just disappointing coming from you, someone who at one point, used to heavily advocate civil discourse. im not talking about people that come to your blog yelling and cursing....i have no sympathy there when they get roasted, but I thought i had made at least a slightly more intelligent approach and was deserving of such in reply. you are correct in your reply of course, but to be perfectly honest, i have neither the time nor desire to read through the entirety of your blog searching for said answers. most of it just doesn't interest me enough. maybe i just missed talking to you like back in the day. as much as a "technically correct" oriented person as i am, it was nice to see someone advocate formal artistic merit over simple technical accuracy. well, sorry we cant get caught up more. im working nights now, got off the ambulance and got a job in an ER. still struggling to raise a special needs child. not much has changed on that front im afraid. anyway, was nice talking to you again.