Saturday, February 1, 2014


To first order, the internet is people arguing about how much rocks weigh.

  I weighed a rock. Rocks weigh 7 ounces.
  What?!! This link clearly states that rocks weigh 12 tons.
  You people are all fools Rocks come in 3 sizes, maybe even 4.

A thinking human being can only gape in astonishment. This goes on and on about cameras and camera gear all the time. Aperture and full-frame and this lens and cell phone cameras and everything else. Is it the photographer or the gear? Blah blah blah. Film! Digital! Medium format!

This is what you need to know. Anything you own that can take a picture at all, in this modern era, can probably make excellent work. Your mission, if you're interested in pictures, is to work out what the character of those pictures is. What can your picture-making equipment do? What kinds of pictures does it take?

Now find some pictures to make that will be well served by the character your equipment will imbue them with. The one truth is that no equipment is neutral. All equipment, every combination of sensitive medium, camera, and lens, will imbue the resulting pictures with some character.

Of course, if you mainly like gear rather than pictures, I urge you to start saving for the next generation wunderkamera immediately. As soon as you have purchased it, be sure to start saving for some lenses, or the generation after that, or a medium format whatsit thing. Don't even bother taking pictures with it, except a few test shots to verify that it is more of whatever it is you paid for than the other thing. Low shutter counts will help with the resale value. Be sure to keep the original packaging as well.

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  1. I have a look at your stuff a lot. Some of the time your "overthinking", as you have said. But not this time.