Thursday, August 13, 2015


Ming Thein doesn't seem to know why a "standard lens" is that length (focal length roughly equal to the diagonal length of the frame): see The Fuss about Fifties, which suggests that he cannot even be bothered to look it up in Wikipedia. He's just going to use his big brain to think through why the conventional wisdom is wrong (wait, that's my schtick!!!).

Then he rattles on about optical design, just like he knows something about it. Hilarity ensues. He's obviously capable of looking up esoteric facts about specific lenses, which begs the question of why he cannot also look up the simple stuff.

What's odd is that the "standard lens" is the length at which, granted more or less the standard viewing distance from the print, "transparency" is achieved in terms of perspective. Isn't there some guy on the internet whose artistic vision is "transparency"?

This guy is the Ken Rockwell of.. the internet. I guess that makes him the second one. Maybe he's the KR of Art Photography or something.


  1. As you have mentioned the abysmal ('I'm an artist') Rockwell, I am curious to know what is your opinion of him. On the rare occasions when I read his blog, I am always amazed at how bad his photos are (lousy subjects, poor composition and revolting over saturated colors). That and his snarky and bitchy style leave me wondering how he has survived as a jobbing blogger for so long;utterly mystifying.

    1. I don't have much personal experience of KR but I gather he makes stuff up, reviews things he has never touched, and is a bit of a laughing stock!