Wednesday, March 2, 2016

B&H Photo Discrimination Lawsuit/Issue

There's a thing going around, B&H is getting some government action applied to them based on reports of discrimination in, I think, their warehouses. It doesn't matter.

We're seeing a pretty substantial groundswell of happy customers saying, essentially, I've never seen any discrimination, and I don't think they do it! which isn't any different from saying I have eaten in that nice Mr. Corleone's restaurant several times, and I never saw him shoot anyone. It's simply not relevant. Your opinion is just not that interesting, here. People who engage in criminal behavior are generally at some pains to conceal it, so the fact that you have not, in the ordinary course of your day, noticed it, provides no information whatsoever.

What is in fact going on is that the happy customers are a little freaked out that their access to cheap gear might get cut off if B&H gets litigated out of existence. Not gonna happen, don't sweat it, kids.

That is all.

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  1. I've read a few comments. Amazed by the reaction: As an employer the should be able to hire who they want and pay what the want. I would have hoped that there was some idea of rule of law.