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Saturday, September 10, 2016

Modern "Street" Photography

A fun thing to keep your eyes open for. A huge percentage of "street" photography in these degenerate times consists of pictures of pretty girls on the street, shot from waist level. I dunno about you, but that's kind of messed up.


  1. This is the kind of post that has me looking for a "like" button -- nothing really to say here, I just like it.

  2. Er ... could that be about wanting to maintain the relative body proportions?

    If you follow what's going on in nude photography on the social media, then it seems a majority of photos are whole-body, including face. The words 'capture' and 'shoot' have never been more to the point. True safari stuff.

  3. In the good old time of the Rolleiflex, all photographs were shot at waist level. Maybe they want to emulate that? ;)

  4. I am sure there are many reasons for shooting pictures of hot girls from waist level, and many of them aren't creepy at all!

  5. I also dislike intensely the whole thing about shooting from the waist. It's like admitting you're doing something not quite right. Be a man! (or a woman!) and shoot a camera like it's intended to be used. Unless it's a Rolleiflex but honestly who's shooting now with those cameras?

  6. So true Andrew - perhaps the subject (pretty girls) is the only way they can get anyone to admire their work (I use the term work loosely).

    Hell, I could have a field day in Byron Bay doing that, but then I have to live with myself.
    (Dish out pain not withstanding - you know whereof I speak)

    Cheers mate.

  7. Seriously messed up, indeed. As you said later, it is all about the likes and followers.