Thursday, September 29, 2016

What's an F-stop?

Here is a quote:

What's an F-stop? Who cares what an F-stop is? Don't worry about the F-stop. I never did.

Who is this manic saying such things? Why, it's Robert Rodriguez, a film-maker, um, of some note. His point is that there are more important things than F-stops when you're making a movie. The same applies to making a still picture. Sure, the aperture is a thing, and it has an effect and so on. But ultimately it's usually not the thing that makes or breaks the film, or the picture.


  1. Um, well, maybe. This is why cinematographers exist, of course...


    1. Rodriguez does a lot of his own cinematography. He's a madman.

  2. When I hear someone say "f8 and be there" I always want to point out that "be there" is the far more important part, and usually the more difficult.

    And I mean "be there" in both the physical sense and the mindfulness sense.

  3. I've taken many photos with no F-stop whatsoever in sight.
    Some of them are frame-able!

  4. Love Rodriguez. His interviews are treasures for filmmakers and creatives in general.