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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Rules of Composition

I've noticed an uptick in the major online photography media things posting articles about golden means, Fibonacci spirals, leading lines, and other cargo cult rubbish.

Everyone, stay hydrated and focus on your breathing. We'll get through this.


  1. I noticed an article about the "Golden Section" on PetaPixel lately - the usual involuntary satire with spirals all over boring pictures, so nothing new. What I found remarkable, though, was that about 80% of the commenters called "bullshit" on it. So maybe there's still hope ...

    Best, Thomas

  2. Saw that the other day too.
    Went for a walk. There was no visible spirals and triangles in sight.
    Relieved, I shot what I wanted.

    T'was a good day

  3. I was terrified to find it in Lightroom. The horror! The horror!