Monday, October 3, 2016


I think I speak for many of us when I say What. The. Hell? For those of you loathe to click links without explanation, that leads to Mr. Thein's unbelievably muddled and error-filled discussion of photographic light. I will note only the picture of the Point Source with the "defined shadow with soft edges" (say whaaat?) and the weird definition of Intensity which seems to be trying to capture somehow both the actual intensity of the light and its falloff.

I have to wonder if the rest of Hasselblad's Ambassadors are this technically ill-informed.


  1. That was pretty bad but the fawning in the comments, basically dropping to their knees to thank him for giving away such valuable, incorrect information, was just embarrassing. For everyone.

  2. I started to read it. Gave up just shaking my head.

    I have no issue with anyone who like to teach or help others. However, I have this tiny little belief that anyone who sets themselves up as an educator (of sorts) ought to in fact tell the truth about the subject at hand. No waffle. No bollocks. No personal opinion where facts are involved. Above all, no misinformation.

    It's simple really.

    This article by Ming fails on virtually all of those requirements.

  3. "Diffuse light at extreme latitudes" ... Er, what? Ok, I'll leave my sunglasses at home next time I head off to the Arctic.