Monday, May 8, 2017

Conscientious Photo on Mosse

I spent some time the other day bitching about sophomoric reviews of this Mosse guy, and was waiting with well-chewed nailed for Colberg's review.

Colberb is not 100% reliable, but he's come through in spades this time. He's reviewed the book that goes with Mosse's recent show. And look! He gives us a little context to explain how he's thinking about it, what the current political situation is like (just enough to understand what he's saying) and then tells us his reaction to the book, both immediate and at longer remove, and then he judges the damned thing and tells us that it's simply not very good.

Possibly I approve too much on the grounds that his review exactly matches my vague impression of Mosse's show (which I have not seen).

This is a review to aspire to. This is real criticism. Thanks, Jörg!

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