Sunday, August 13, 2017

I Cannot Resist - Off Topic

I don't know anything about high end watches, and I assume that they're all priced in absurd ways. Still, I cannot resist a remark.

Ming is selling a watch.

As noted, I have no idea if the $900 price tag is reasonable or absurd, but I do know that the movement in it is a clone of a swatch movement.


  1. I really need to remove Ming's blog from my feed... he was never that interesting and now it just takes up mental space.

    Nitpick, as I know way too much about watches than I'd care to admit - the Selitta is a clone of an ETA movement, a company owned by the Swatch Group. This group owns the Swatch brand, but they also own a bunch of high-end brands, Omega among them. It's you basic Swiss zaibatsu.

    A couple of years ago ETA said they were going to restrict sales to entities outside the Swatch group, so companies like Selitta started making clones (the designs are long ago out of patent).

    $900 is a reasonable price for a micro-brand watch. I doubt Ming will get rich off the venture.

  2. I like the sunflower-swirl look of the faces....but the sale of watches (I mean, whuuuh?) mars the starving artist/purity aesthetic that I have been attempting to apply to Ming. Not literally starving, but... not a shopkeeper? oh well. It feels a teensy bit like Paris Hilton's line of perfume... lingerie... shoes! whooooa, flatware! YOICKS, Irish whisky! gaaah! carpets! furniture! no, Ming, no. You breaking my heart.

  3. First, it was Steve Huff and his "Wonder Box" for communicating with spirits.

    Now, it's Ming and his watch....

    I can't speak for anybody else, of course, but I'm on pins and needles waiting to see what product(s) Molitor creates for the audience of his blog!

    1. well.
      now I, also, am waiting for The Product.

    2. I offer you the "Air Quote Headband" or Ironizer (TM), which, when worn, places quotation marks either side of the wearer's head, thus indicating a life lived in a permanent state of ironic bemusement.

      Also available as a discreet piercing.


    3. Probably itching powder packaged in a faux handmade book.

  4. Well, obviously, I am designing, to be introduced shortly, an extremely itchy watch, to be worn on the head, with scare quotes on the band which allow the wearer to communicate with the dead.

  5. Do away with the itchy part of said watch, and I'll take two. Maybe three.

    With best regards.


  6. I'm in awe. Full time pro photographer, runs a 24/7 blog, runs product strategy for Hasselblad full time, and in his spare time, chief designer, production manager and supremo of a high end watch manufacturer bearing his name. I can barely get out of bed in the morning...

  7. @David and don't forget 1500 USD-a-pop 2-days workshops to learn to "shoot like Ming"...

  8. Also don’t forget the bags...

  9. I'd say good on him. Ming's super-particular about things and is really into watches. I know nothing about the watch market, but he's obviously filling a niche that was left open by the big players.

    I'm sure Andrew feels the same way about his blog ;-)

    Sven W

  10. MB & F.
    I can't even find prices....

  11. I can see the appeal of higher-end watches, but I've found my sweet spot in $35-$40 solar-powered analog plastic Casio watches. They're analog, quartz-accurate and you never need worry about a battery. When they die, you recycle them and buy another. I know - sacrilege to many; but I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. But I don't begrudge Ming. If people invest in his marketing approach, good for him.