Wednesday, February 14, 2018

My Sad Project

I present for your delectation a FREE EBOOK (or, if you prefer, a do-it-yourself book kit in the form of a PDF):

Click Here for My Sad Project

This took a surprising amount of time. It is lightly copy-edited, but to be honest it contains numerous deliberate errors and so I felt that spending a lot of time rooting out the accidental ones would be perhaps wasted. The first two pages are to be printed separately, one-sided. The rest prints out double-sided, and there are a couple pages of color which you may do with as you wish.

The only error I regret is the word "spin" which should read "spine" (or, possibly, "gutter") on the first page of instructions.

My thanks to Nigel for his insightly biography (have you been reading about P.D.Q. Bach?)


  1. The pictures are damn tiny. I'm missing something...

  2. Perhaps it's not quite obvious enough that it's satire?

  3. dammit, I haven't read it yet!!! this is another satire?! spoiler-alert the comments next time, I enjoy my rages. (sometimes it takes me several days of rage to recognize that it's satire. I think that's good, heheheh...)

  4. i laughed out loud when I read "Banana" for the second time (whuuuh?) and... it was shoes!!
    struck me as very funny

  5. Sorry man!
    What a failure. No shots of your breakfast or dinner dishes??? Not small nor large??? You're kidding me???

    1. your criticism makes me Sad. VICTORY!

    2. Non recognizable satire? SAD, VICTORY!
      Should have I mentioned it?

  6. Hi Andrew, my inspiration wasn't PDQ Bach, I've been out of the Anglosphere for a while now and took inspiration from the fictional Jaroslav Cimrman, who then actually won Czech of the Century. Love the result.