Monday, May 21, 2018

Photographing People

Just a short update, I think. I've been busy with many things.

One of the things is work on a project that has lain fallow a while, because I couldn't figure out how to finish it. Eventually I realized that the way forward (well, one of the ways forward, and the one that works for me) is to interview and photograph people. So, yeah, pretty much getting right up close to people, interacting in several ways, and so on. I actually have an audio recording device, and a camera, so it's pretty invasive.

I've been working on people I know or kind of know, or at least have exchanged words with. They need to be young, so there's at least a 20 year age difference which honestly means that I don't know them that well even if I know them some.

So, it's a bit fraught, a bit stressful. I have to screw up my courage.

But it's going well. Thankfully, the pictures don't need to be anything more than mug shots. I am having trouble remembering that I need copy space, but thankfully I have a habit of framing too loosely anyways, so there's that.

Hope to have something to show off in a week or so.


  1. Comfort zones ... who needs 'em?

    1. Heck yeah!

      I will say that the "get out of your comfort zone!" advice for taking better pictures is BS. I am taking fairly dodgy people pictures. I mean, they're in focus and it looks like the person and they're not unflattering as such.

      But great portraiture this ain't.

      But it doesn't need to be. Phew.