Friday, April 5, 2019


I'm reading a book which I'll probably talk about eventually, which includes a fair lot of chatter about Edward Weston. There's some chitchat about Pepper #30, and the book repeats that it was shot by first placing it in a large funnel.

I thought I'd make myself a funnel out of some galvanized sheet metal I have left over from a heating duct repair (long story short, my kid dropped her brand new toy down the vent in her bedroom, and was sad and desperately hopeful that dad could get it back, which dad could... by hacking open the heating duct, which he did.) I rolled it into an approximate funnel shape and started putting little things in it.

I have no idea what to make of these pictures, but I do have an idea for making that not be my problem, about which more anon, I hope. In the meantime:


  1. Never mind the photos, you get this week's Good Dad Award! I hope she remembers that Act of Patriarchal Heroism in years to come...


    1. Thank you! There is that thing kids do, when something has gone very very wrong and they look at the parent with a mixture of intense despair and hope. This particular emotional stew just destroys me. I think I would have torn the house down if necessary.