Monday, February 1, 2021

Pinned Post, A Policy Note:

I have made a decision to keep this blog virus free from this point forward, at least until the smoke clears. This is not a judgement about other writers, other sources, there's good information that ought to be shared, there are personal stories that are interesting and compelling.

There's also room for other work, and I intend to pursue that here.

If it looks like I'm going to die, I will try to put a note here so you know to delete your bookmarks.


  1. I will not delete the bookmark if you die. I can still use the site for reference purposes. Just make sure the site continues in perpetuity.

  2. All right Andrew! Very thoughtful of you. With full appreciation , best wishes to you - christian

  3. Shockingly honest.
    You and your family stay healthy.

  4. I hope this was hypothetical.