Saturday, June 13, 2020

On Design

David S. always weighs in when I mention design, and I have finally seen the light. I will no longer design books, instead I will be working with these guys on all future book designs. Thank you for believing in me, David, and leading me finally to the truth.


  1. Good grief... It's like walking through a massive neon-flashing facade -- Cats! Girls! Snakes! -- into an empty shop.

    N.B. am-tip: you can tick a box when you create a link that means the linked item will open in a new tab or window, which means your site stays open, just as it was. Which makes it a lot easier to bail out of some pointless bedlam like this.


  2. Those people aren't designers, they're roadside chainsaw artists.

    1. Did you wait long enough for the giant text and all the blinking shit to appear, or did you bail out early?

      It's like a geocities site!

    2. Basically they're buddies with the ASX crew and the related grifters. Sucessfully bafflegabbing their way into a sort of bottom-feeder position in the Art World.

  3. Here's a free photo 'newspaper' download that design-wise, is the antithesis of that Void BS.

  4. I imagine that the number of sold copies of whatever it is they are producing strongly tracks the number of contributors to that... er, I can't find a word to describe it. A 10 on the Colberg Scale?