Wednesday, March 3, 2021


Because I am feeling a little whimsical, I am going to offer a print for sale, like I'm some god damned MFA student.

An 8x10 inkjet print of this on some sort of decent heavy paper. My shop downtown does a decent job, this isn't a drugstore print.

I will sell up to 10.

To obtain a copy, send me evidence that you have donated $USD25 or more to some charity local to you that helps people in need. Food bank, homeless shelter, drug treatment center, free medical clinic, whatever. Send me a picture of a receipt, anything. Please file off your credit card numbers, for gossakes.

Also send me your address. works as well as some other ones you could probably find. Or, I dunno, comment here or tweet at me or christ there's just a lot of ways to contact me.

I will send you a print um, in the fullness of time. Soon. Anywhere on the earth unless the postage is just like HOLY SHIT WHAT THE FUCK in which case we can negotiate.

As an alternative anyone who has made, or will make, such a donation may request from me a high resolution image file suitable for self-printing. Honor system, I don't need to see a receipt. I will send you a TIFF or a big JPEG suitable for 8x10 printing, and you should consider yourself to have at that point a license to print one (1) good copy, as well as proofs as necessary to acheive a good print.

These self-print copies fall outside the edition of 10, mainly because I think editions are stupid and welcome the opportunity to screw them up.

Ends, I dunno, let's say the end of March, 2021.

This was not a hard shot, it was one of the easiest photographs I have ever taken. It was trivially simple to shoot. Calla lilies love the fuckin' camera. But I like the result and will probably print one myself.

The whites are not blocked up. Except in one place where you probably arent looking, and there's just specks of lost highlights there.

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