Friday, April 8, 2022

Damn It

News reports suggest that occasional, but insightful, commenter JG has killed himself. I knew he was going through a difficult time, but he assured me he was managing. I failed to sell him a copy of Vigilante.

I am annoyed and upset. He was talented, interesting, and worth having around. I did not know him well, I have not lost a close friend, but I'm going to miss his occasional irascible but entertaining emails, and his ludicrous camera builds.

Hoist a beverage for JG, anyways.


  1. If this is the same JG, he posted a photo to his blog yesterday. Sure he's dead?

    1. Possibly a scheduled post? People near him seem to be confirming. His dog has found a new home, etc.

  2. Strange, isn't it, how one can form virtual relationships with complete strangers over the internet (says one complete stranger to another)? I don't get very many commenters on my own blog, but the same ones tend to turn up repeatedly, and I have developed an impression (quite possibly false) of who they are. When one vanishes like this, it can feel like a mini-bereavement.

    At least three of my regular commenters have died, but for obvious reasons one doesn't always know this. One, who is definitely not dead, simply stopped commenting (and possibly reading) after years of thoughtful, amusing, and insightful interventions; it's ridiculous how personal this still feels, like losing a best friend at school!