Thursday, July 12, 2012

FSA Photo of the Week

Normally I spend a little time trolling the archives to find something interesting. This was literally the first thumbnail I clicked today, after my usual random clicking into the innards of the archive. Today, I was looking for something representative of the archive, in some sense, and this one certainly is. There's tons of this sort of sterile high-key/bright sunlight documentary stuff in the FSA/OWI archive, intended purely to illustrate "here are some of the things that are here."

On the one hand this is a pure and simple picture of a parking lot. The wires across the top of the frame make it, though, somehow. Echoing the line of the bus tires? Negative space above and below, well handled. There's a simple graphical feel to the whole thing. I like it more each time I look at it.

Oct, 1940. Line of school buses in back of Anderson consolidated school. Caswell County, North Carolina. Shot by Marion Post Wolcott.

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