Wednesday, July 18, 2012

FSA Photo of the Week

Here is it. It's pretty snapshotty, but I've been reading Henri Cartier-Bresson lately, and I think there are some HCBish elements in play here. There's some instantaneous co-incidences of geometry (the child in front with the sack, the leaning telephone pole) and some nice repeated verticals. There's a hint of mystery (what's in the sack?) and the sense of a an event, however slight, unfolding.

The scan is nothing much, and this could without a doubt be rendered much more nicely and effectively than this scan shows. This is a nice example of how something that's basically good doesn't actually need sharpening and a full range of tones and and and. Well, it is if you accept my assertion that it's pretty good.

Mar 1939 (or Mar 1940?). Children of paper mill workers bringing home groceries in Berlin, New Hampshire, largely inhabited by French Canadians and Scandinavians. Shot by Marion Post Wolcott.

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