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Friday, March 20, 2015

Talking About Art

I see this sort of thing from time to time.

Well, what Art means to me is ... craft ... something something skill ... something ... but it's all subjective isn't it?

On the one hand it's nice to see people wrestling with ideas about what Art might be, and what the point is and so on. On the other hand it strikes me as, if not the height of hubris at any rate one of the higher foothills, to assume that nobody else has ever tried to think their way through these things.

Why should I care what Art means to you, any more than I care about what Wool means to you? Or Carrots? People seem to reason from the vague notion that Art is in part a personal experience to the concrete idea that any random thought anyone has about it is equally valuable, unique, and interesting.

When you can't even be bothered to spend 20 minutes with the Wikipedia page on Art before opening your piehole and starting to emit sounds, why should I even bother to talk to you?

Especially if you're going to trot out wrongheaded platitudes like "it's all subjective" in the end. And usually, you are. You idiot.

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