Friday, February 5, 2016

Biggs-Reichmann Galapagos Cruise

Micheal seems to have taken my remarks on this subject poorly and evidently feels that I have made some errors. See his comment on that item.

In the unlikely event that you care enough about this, and in the interest of fairness, I urge you to click the links given in the piece and check the arithmetic yourself.

I suspect that what Michael means by factual errors is "stuff I don't want to hear" since this is the internet. Michael had regrettably declined to provide me with any specifics. Happily, anyone can check my work to see for themselves. It's crowdsourcing!


  1. One of the basic rules of the Internet is to bring the fight where the mob will side with you. Michael will not comment here.

  2. Perhaps the cruise should include a Hasselblad Luna.