Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Notes on The Web

If I just wanted to whale on wrong-headed idiots all day, I'd pretty much go on and on about dumb web sites like Improve Photography and its legions of click-bait brothers and sisters infesting the internet. Instead, I tend to talk about more influential people and places like LuLa and Ming Thein and, now and then, PetaPixel. There's two reasons. One is that they're more influential and therefore more damaging, but the other more benign reason is that sometimes they get it right.

Case in point, Ming's latest. It's not perfect, but it strikes me as being genuine, as if the photographer is actually feeling something and expressing it. There's a little flow to the set, there's some genuinely good pictures in there. The photos of and including the audience are individually pretty weak, bur add greatly to the overall effect. Without them, this would be far too close to a bunch of the same of concert photos we see everywhere. I feel like he's sacrificing his love for his handful of visual tropes in order to actually show us something real, which is something I absolutely advocate. Repeatedly.

Well done!

(I am cattily amused that his commenters are so very very attentive to the work that they've failed to notice the dupe)

(and if the dupe is on purpose, I confess that I don't "get it")

(A peculiar update, apropos of nothing: I am 75% sure Ming's added a second duplicate since I made this post, and he's denying seeing any dupes in the comments, blaming it, absurdly, on flickr. I don't pretend to know what's up.)

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