Wednesday, May 4, 2016


In future people who wish to comment with nothing more to say than "I hate something or other about your blog" can a) Fuck off and b) Will no longer be permitted to comment. It's my fucking blog. You don't like it, move along, but don't harass me about it. Go bitch about what a dumbshit I am on your own blog.

That's retroactive to you two idiots who most recently commented in that vein.

ETA: Here is the thing. These people are here, they're reading my blog. Obviously they get some satisfaction out of reading it. But they choose to weigh in when a post fails to meet their expectations. This is, whether they realize it or not, an effort to control how I do this thing. They want, like the worst girlfriend, to purse their lips disapprovingly when the boyfriend wants to have a beer with friends, until the boyfriend gradually, imperceptibly, knuckles under and ditches his own friends in favor of hers, permanently. Then we can get started on whatever the next flaw on the list is.

Not acceptable. If my blog is terrible, then stop reading it. Or read it. Feel free to go tell the world how awful I am, but don't make me moderate your stupid comments about how horrible I am, when you and I both know perfectly well that you're here and you're reading my blog because you get something out of it. Purse your lips disapprovingly at me, and I will eventually dump your ass. Been there, done that.


  1. I have been reading your blog for about nine months and it's certainly not terrible. If anything, I would describe it as provocative. I believe that some of your articles indicate a search for something that might take photography (at least your photography) to a whole other landscape. But the search is still ongoing without a clear vision of where to take it. I agree with many of the things you've written and, not surprisingly, do not agree with a few others. Perhaps, mea culpa, not yours.

    1. Thanks! I welcome disagreement, it's the insulting efforts to make me stop writing certain kinds of posts that irritates me.

      Express an alternate opinion, tell me I'm wrong. Heck, I even let an insult by if you're got something substantive to say as well.

      "You're a retard, Andrew, and I hate your dumb ass. Have you considered Arnheim's essay on blah blah blah link?"

      would probably pass ;)

    2. Or, as some bikini clad bird in Byron Bay may write - "Dish Out Pain"

  2. Well, I was only introduced to your blog by my boss a few months ago and I read it because you often make me laugh taking Lula to task. (I always thought Michael was a pretentious prick so it's fun to read your take on his world).
    I agree with some stuff you write and not so much with others but resorting to name calling just seems like a sure sign of limited intelligence. To that end though, some of your posts are way too complicated for me to follow all the way through but I read them anyway. Lol