Thursday, May 19, 2016

Say whaaaaat?

I can't tell if Tavis Leaf Glover is insane or hilarious.

Read this blog post of his and tremble in awe. Or something. It is an object lesson, ultimately, in why all the rules and ideas of composition in the world will not make your pictures good.

Say whaaaaat?

UPDATE: There's more! The video Travis cites is a PragerU production. PragerU is an organization of right-wing nutjobs run by a right-wing nutjob. Are you a whacko with some sort of axe to grind against some perceived leftist/commie/faggot conspiracy to ruin everything that old white dudes built? PragerU will help you with your video!

The dude in the video, Robert Florczak, seems to be a commercial artist with (obviously) a sycophantic love of Old Masters and a hatred of all that is new. Yes, yes, he taught. At the Art Institute of Philadelphia. The Art Institute is a degree mill, basically, one of many for-profit schools that, essentially, exists to offer the absolute minimum level of education (and often not even that) necessary to allow students to get government backed financial aid to pay the tuition.

These class of schools is, in essence, taking government financial aid money, pocketing it, and sticking the students with the debt, all in return for more or less worthless degrees.

So, it's kind of sleaze and BS all the way down, innit? I have to shower now.


  1. Wow - the site was already a tad bonkers, but this makes me wonder if it isn't some grand parody. That would be genius.

    I hope he didn't spend too much time on his checklist. A quick check on 500px would show that the herd favours a much simpler set of rules - BSS; Breasts, Sunset and Saturation. If someone submits a saturated image of breasts at sunset it'll probably melt the servers.

    Not that it matters, it's whatever makes them happy. It would be nice to see some honest feedback though. I tried that some time ago during a brief 500px stint and it didn't work out so well.

  2. The best part is giving his own unremarkable sketches a higher score than a Picasso.

    1. Yep. Can he possibly be serious? And yet, he gives not a flicker of a clue that he is not. No hint of a tongue placed in the cheek.

      I love it, either way!

  3. Now I can have a checklist used to determine if a photo is an "art piece"! And all my recent photos score quite high! LOOK MOM IMMA AN ARTIST! YAY!