Friday, June 3, 2016

Moss Landing II

There seem to actually be four pictures, if I put my mind to it. There were a bunch more, but they were either things I am in love with which are not Moss Landing particularly, or they were redundant.

No idea if it reads, but I was definitely thinking Gursky and Emerson while I was shooting.

Maybe the vignettes are too heavy handed. Vignettes always look awful in the thumbnails, though, if they're even visible in the full size. Click 'em.


  1. I know it's always annoying to be told "your work reminds me of So-and-So, therefore I think you'll like his/her work", but... Do you know the work of John Gossage? If not, you might want to check it out ("The Pond" is a stone classic photo-book).


    1. I always treat these sorts of remarks as "you look a lot like a young marlon brando" so feel free to make them over and over ;)

      I will look up John Gossage! Thanks!

  2. They're not sharp! Jeez..

    I particularly like the last shot. This region of the California coast can be bright or brooding on any given day (or hour). A constant is Phil's Fish Market and Eatery, good whether foggy or sunny.