Thursday, June 2, 2016

Shootin' Stock

My wife, after many years of doing financial planning under the aegis of other firms, has gotten around to starting her own practice (* see below for details) and I am assisting in small ways with a little marketing support, occasional errands, and shooting "stock" photos for her weekly blog posts. She writes about things like how best to save for college, what to do with a not-very-good 401(k) plan, stuff like that. Things her target market might find interesting.

So I've been shooting pictures to illustrate each blog post's idea. The pictures function, perhaps, like a subtitle, a repetition of the theme in other words. It's a lot like Art with a capital A, interestingly. There's a very clear concept, and you get one picture to illustrate it. There's also branding/corporate identity to consider, so I try to make the pictures a little "fun", and to hit the corporate colors.

My wife's financial planning practice is targeted at Moms in High Tech (in the USA), a specific niche with a pretty specific set of needs. If you're a Mom in High Tech, or a Parent with job that has weird compensation models, or a Woman in High Tech, you might find my wife's services and service model useful. Drop me a note at if so, I'll introduce you. She is way nicer than I am.


  1. Good to see a little more 'commercial / stock' images.
    They may be one picture per post, but they do tie in rather nicely.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Corporate colour is pink?

    1. Yay, it's reading!

      There's actually a Pink-Purple/Navy-Blue pair, and a secondary Green/Yellow-Gold pair in the logo. I never can really hit the gold, and the green only sneaks in every now and then.

  2. Forgot to say - all the best to the missus in her endeavour 😃