Monday, November 14, 2016

A picture

As I have mentioned in the past, I make bespoke "stock" photos for my wife's financial planning blog. For an upcoming post of hers, directly addressing the current political situation in the USA, I made this. Although my political views are not exactly secret, I am posting this here not as a political statement. Recent events have reminded me, though, that this is generally good advice when confronted with whatever you personally feel is a crisis.

We may tweak it or not use at all on my wife's blog, but I think it echoes some sentiments many of us share. I have no desire to get in to a political discussion here, and you may take this little comic strip as my advice to any and all who find themselves at a moment of crisis. I think it echoes Kirk Tuck's piece over here, as well (it is certainly INTENDED to), and I absolutely agree with Kirk on this point. As is, I hope, obvious.

This picture (as well as the ones on her blog) also give you another little look in to what I've been up to with a camera. Among other things, very explicit "story", sometimes with text! I'm so fancy.

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